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             Ceramic Tile



Why Use Ceramic Tile? -


Get To Know Ceramic Tile: Make the Most of Your Investment -


Decorating With Ceramic Tile -


Performance Features to Consider | Safety Features to Consider -


Layout | Grouts | Estimating a Project | Tile Installation



                  Natural Stone


Star Tile Centre has the knowledge and expertise to successfully complete any installation of natural stone.

DIY projects are not recommended. Contact Star Tile for more information.


Natural stone care guide -





Wax paper, nails or cleats, and nail gun needed for your solid wood installation. Adhesive, trowel and spacers needed for your glue down installation. Tapping block, spacers and straps needed for your floating installation.


Hardwood Installation Guide -





Your carpet is a major purchase.  That is why the Canadian Carpet Institute and Star Tile Carpet One recommend that it be installed by a professional. Proper installation is almost as important as the carpet you buy for durability, appearance, retention and long-lasting satisfaction.


A professional carpet installer has the knowledge, the experience and the tools to insure the proper installation on all types of surfaces. Further he can also recommend the proper type of undercushion according to the carpet and the surface to be covered.


Star Tile Carpet One employs professional installers and will provide a warranty on their installation. They guarantee your satisfaction.


If you truly wish to do it yourself, we suggest you only consider it if it is a single room. It should not be considered for a multiple room application.


Star Tile will lend you a knee kicker, a tool used to help you stretch in your carpet should you purchase the carpet from them and wish to install the room yourself. Should you choose a glue down installation where the carpet is adhered with adhesive directly to your concrete or plywood subfloor, Star Tile will lend you a trowel and roller for a more professional installation.


Carpet cleaning tips -



                 Vinyl Flooring - VCT


Complete installation guide -





Click here for your complete instructions with step by step details -


Our Goal

To professionally assist you in creating beautiful surroundings using the right product at the right price for your particular project while maintaining the quality and added value you deserve.


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