Heat Mats

Floor Heating

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems provide soothing warmth to various types of flooring surfaces including tile, stone, granite, laminate and engineered wood.


All Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are covered by a 25-year warranty, energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.


Tile / Stone Installation

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems keep tile, stone, granite, marble, and slate surfaces at just-right temperatures.







Laminate Installation

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems can also be installed underneath laminate and engineered wood floors ensuring you the pleasure of barefoot comfort in any room in your home.


















Nuheat electric floor heating systems can be enjoyed in any room where a homeowner is planning to install tile, stone, marble, laminate or engineered wood floors. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, stairs, and even countertops can be warmed by Nuheat.







Whether you are doing a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling project, the soothing comfort of the Nuheat electric floor heating system can be enjoyed in any room where a homeowner is planning to install tile, stone, marble, laminate or engineered wood floors. Other than bathroom remodels, Nuheat’s electric floor warming mats are perfect for providing warm floors in kitchen remodeling projects, in entryways, basements, bedrooms, and even for warming granite countertops. For complex bathroom remodels or kitchen remodeling projects, our in-house Design Team will create standard or custom layouts based on your floor drawings to ensure a warm floor with no cold spots. The mats arrive ready to be installed out of the box to make your bathroom remodels, kitchen remodeling or other projects as quick and easy as possible.


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Shower Installation

Now you can experience the barefoot comfort of Nuheat Floor Heating Systems in your shower using standard mats, custom mats, or the pre-built Nuheat Shower Mat. For the ultimate in warm floor luxury, all Nuheat mats can be installed under shower beds and benches or saunas


Our Goal

To professionally assist you in creating beautiful surroundings using the right product at the right price for your particular project while maintaining the quality and added value you deserve.


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